Accredited Certified Professional Life Coach & Guide

Collegiate Academic Advisor and Coach

Accredited Certified Professional Life Coach for CareBridge Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Guide

Founder and Creator of The Shine Center LLC

Founder and Creator of 'I Appreciate You' Sticker Kindness Mission

Specializing in a wide range of coaching topics including academic experience coaching, life skills, confidence building, motivation, encouragement, and identifying goals and current reality.

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"To help you discover, invite, and develop your inner wisdom so you can experience a more enlightened life."

-Megan Forgie, Founder & Creator


The Shine Center believes in providing an inclusive and supportive environment where we embrace our differences and uniqueness. The Shine Center is committed to upholding an environment based on diversity, equity, and inclusion across The Shine Center brand. Creating a welcoming presence and an open culture that supports a healthy space for learning and growing,  but also appreciating every person, is most valuable to The Shine Center. Virtually or in-person, our space is safe and judgment-free for sharing, expressing feelings, and connecting with the best version of yourself.

Interested in ...
Boosting your employee morale?
Increasing employee productivity?
Setting a positive tone in your office space?
Changing your thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?
Increasing your emotional well-being?
Changing your limited belief system?
Reframing past experiences?
Setting and achieving your goals?
Academic Coaching?
Peer Mentoring?
Making life changes?
Increasing your motivation?
Learning a new skill?
How to shift from where you are now to where you want to be?

Whether it is a need for a safe space to share, assistance and guidance in taking life steps forward, help quieting your outer world, or help quieting your inner world, The Shine Center is here for you with a present and future focus. Private or Corporate settings. In-person or virtual options. Workshop Topics to please all avenues of life with some added "Pop-Up's" for company morale boosting. Visit our Corporate Wellness page to read more as well as I Appreciate You to read all about Megan's kindness mission and how you can bring this to your business!